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From Flight Ops to Commercial training, D.E.L.S. can handle all your UAS/Drone Needs

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Flight Ops   

For your event or business!

Video Recording

Need videos of your event or workplace?

Airborne images

Great to showcase your business or event!

Data retention and security

We utilize top of the line security and backup measures to ensure you always have your data when you need it!

14 CFR Part 107 Training

Become your own boss!

Required for commercial use

In order to make money flying a drone, you first need a license!

Up-to-date information

We regularly update all our information to make sure you know the rules, and pass the test!

Be your own boss!

Did you know that the average drone pilot makes $100,000 a year?

Flight Ops

Need footage or images taken of your business or event? Contact us for a quote!

14CFR Part 107 Training

Join our class to become certified to fly drones commercially! This certification is required by law if you plan to make money by flying a drone.

Stay up to date!

Join our monthly drone-pro seminars in person or online to stay up to date on all regulation changes! Or, join our mailing list!


Want to inquire about services not listed above? Contact us and let us help!

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